In the Classroom

5 Essential tips For beginners

June 10, 2025

1. Decide what your goals are.

Are you learning for work, study or for travel? Having a clear and concise goal idea of why you need t learn english will help you.​

2.Immerse yourself in the language.

When you are not online at our classes, make sure you are listening to English podcasts and watch English TV. 30 minutes a day will make a huge difference.

3.Enjoy yourself and Experiment. 

It is very important that you enjoy yourself when learning English. In our classes we will play games and keep our content light and fun.

4. Start with vocabulary.

For beginners we look at the most common words used in the English language and start there.

5. Become conversational

After you know the most common words, try to use them in conversation. Our classes make this fun and we will use your interests to keep you interested.